Melville GES is set to be one of the first companies in the exhibition industry to offer cloud-based services to its clients and its offices around the world, through an agreement with UK cloud computing specialist Star.

“We have chosen to work with Star because it has an excellent track record,” says Glenn Batty, Melville’s chief information officer. “Star is a founding member of the UKCA [UK Cloud Alliance], and we are confident in its ability to deliver quality service.”

By centralising data and applications within Star’s secure cloud computing platform, Melville will offer a high-quality user experience wherever its employees or customers are located. Melville will use the cloud computing technology to host client-facing applications beginning in February 2012 with the Melville Dashboard. Enhancing client-facing technologies is key to Melville’s effort to become a one-stop shop for exhibitors.

The next step, a cloud-based registration process, will go live mid 2012. Since registration can involve sending thousands of simultaneous emails, which puts a huge strain on internal IT resources, Melville will use the Star platform to run its online registration services. Cloud-based registration is a scalable solution that improves reliability and robustness irrespective of levels of activity.

“We have always aimed to differentiate ourselves by researching customer needs and then applying appropriate technology,” says Batty. “Moving to cloud computing allows us to continue this process. It will also help us to keep our commitment to provide great customer service. The cloud computing solution will provide our clients a single solution for all their exhibition computing needs. For event visitors, it will make registration smoother and enhance the whole visitor experience.”