poll_previewEmBazaar, Inc., an Austin-based technology company launched its newest product Skoop for Events to the public. Skoop for Events is the only customized and built to order micro social network built around a single event that combines a relevant newsfeed, a marketplace, polling feature, calendaring/scheduling capabilities and a group chat feature into one centralized platform. Through its cloud based private communities and highly intuitive front end mobile apps, Skoop plans to disrupt the events mobile app space for the better by creating engaging communities that live year round. In addition, Skoop takes mobile engagement to the next level with the ability to distill down the main news-feed to sub news-feeds based on user preference; a first in this industry. Skoop for Events is available to build on IOS and Android per client’s request.

According to Neil Patwardhan, founder and chief executive officer of EmBazaar Inc., the company that created SKOOP Events, “Our platform helps attendees at each event engage with each other on a private social network months before the event begins, during the event and year round after the event. An event by definition, is a social experience and we believe that our micro network format greatly compliments that experience rather than just limit attendees to scheduling/calendaring functionality. Our apps house all the information they need and want in one place. We want to build event communities where attendees are united on one easy to use platform and live year round. This greatly reduces the dependency on email and other less engaging forms of communication. With the abundance of noise on other social networks and the amount of money spent on social media marketing, our private micro networks offer a cost effective solution for event organizers to engage with their attendee’s real time.”

Key features in the app include: Heartbeat, which is a social feed containing user generated posts and news; Schedule, where attendees can view, create and RSVP to official and unofficial schedule, Marketplace, a streamlined platform for sponsors, vendors and exhibitors to advertise themselves, Polls, a feature that allows a user to get instant feedback from the community about any topic they desire, Messenger, a powerful chat function to co-ordinate and communicate with anybody in the community, Sub News-feeds to drive relevant conversations with fellow attendees in a single session or track and CRM and Registration System Integration for easy data assimilation.

In addition, when users register for the event app built by Skoop, they are not required to “friend” or “follow” individual users; rather, they are given access to content from all attendees at that event. This promotes easy access to breaking news within the app.

“Intuitive mobile apps and year round engagement are two of the biggest needs in the event world right now”, said Neil Patwardhan. “For the cost event organizers incur on event apps today that are usually un-installed after the event ends, they could receive their own private social network from us that lives year round. Think about a captive audience that you can communicate with anytime, anywhere and really drive relevant engagement and feedback year round. With our unique pricing model, our customers typically see cost of ownership savings in the 300% range over a 3 year time frame as compared to the industry standard today. In short, our apps look better, function faster, work year round, solve key industry issues of engagement and cost less in the long run.

We don’t build event apps; we build event communities.”