book-2Bizzabo, unveiled The “Event Professionals of Tomorrow” Survey revealing that 85% of event planners see email marketing as the key marketing tool, attendee satisfaction is the most significant indicator for event success and more than half of event planners spending less than 10% of their budgets on event technology. The study sought to gather information regarding event planning best practices through direct insights from event professionals. The company has joined forces with award winning industry leaders such as: Bizbash, Catchbox, Glisser, CrowdMics, Eventopedia and TechsyTalk to reach higher coverage and greater results to directly empower the event planners community. 

We believe this new research can help close the gap between how enthusiastic planners are about new and innovative event technologies and their actual adoption of these solutions.” said Alon Alroy, Co-Founder & CMO of Bizzabo. “We have known for quite a while now that email marketing is still a major tool for event promotion. What we weren’t able to guess are some of the study’s exciting findings. One example is how Instagram is becoming more and more valuable for planners and how underutilized Pinterest and Snapchat really are”. 

Event professionals make decisions based increasingly on data analysis that delivers a clear ROI, and as a result, Bizzabo has launched their annual survey to highlight insights about the industry as a whole. The study illuminates important correlations that can help event professionals become more effective in their event planning process. Recognizing and presenting opportunities for achieving event success with less time and more impactful resources is at the core of everything that Bizzabo does. 

Sean Holladay, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdMics: “The Event Professionals of Tomorrow study not only provides a baseline for understanding how the event industry really looks like in 2016 but truly allows the community to learn what are the best practices to achieve greater success in event planning as it is today.  We were personally happy to learn that event planners are most excited about audience interaction  when asked about tools to maximize the event experience. When attendees have the tools to interact they use them and their experience is enhanced”.

Key Findings from Event Professionals of Tomorrow Survey:

Email marketing is still king

  • Most event planners rely on email, social media and word of mouth to market their event.
  • Nearly half of all planners see email marketing campaigns as having the biggest impact on increasing registrations.
  • Snapchat and Pinterest are underutilized – less than 10% of event planners use those channels as a means for promotion.

Event technology adoption is minimal 

  • More than half of event planners spend less than 10% of their budget on an event software.
  • Audience engagement solutions are considered the biggest trend in maximizing event success according to 84% of respondents, with wearable devices coming in second at 35%.

Attendee satisfaction beats Revenues in measuring success

  • 84% of respondents define attendee satisfaction as the most important factor in measuring the success of an event. Event revenues is only second.
  • An event would be considered a success when planners overcome their greatest challenge  -hitting registration goals.
  • Almost half of all event planners claim that content curation and event agenda building are the most time consuming aspects of planning an event.

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